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[art dump] meme, temOT3, and I HAS OC4 \o/


My platonic!OT3: Frost/Severard/Glokta. Such a silly bunch of twisted, morbid people.
tanyart on Tegaki E

"Facts of Age" Tegaki baton. I WILL NEVER FINISH THIS, OMG. I'm still stuck on fact 7 or something. I AM A BORING PERSON, SRSLY.
tanyart on Tegaki E

tanyart on Tegaki E

Gift art for softlyforgotten . Granby/Tharkay/Laurence :U
tanyart on Tegaki E

And since Tegaki is an absolute bitch to color on, curiosity got the better of me so I popped it open on Photoshop and slapped some colors on it:

IDK, guys.

From my personal journal:
Comment to this entry, and I will do a quick sketchy doodle of how I first imagined you looked like, at the most initial of initialities.





meretricula  (who I think keeps Granby and Tharkay locked in her closet, and they retaliate by making out as loud as possible when she needs to work.)





AND FOR THE MOST EXCITING NEWS OF ALL:  I HAVE OPENCANVAS 4.0 and tested it out with unrestrained glee!  The brushes!  The color palette!  The easy navigation!  The amazingly CLEAN lines! BE STILL, MY HEART.

And, of course, right when I get it, my sister takes away my graphic tablet for two weeks.  *sigh*

Testing and unrestrained glee seen here:


And here's Ishiah after a night with Robin.

And this weekend I've been playing Rock Band 2 (as usual) with my sister, and she's pretty much a genius when it comes to creating characters and costumes.

Her main character is named Master Tangmoutou, and has a fetish for pink things.  I do not do him justice.  (His name also means melon-turtle in Thai.)

And my character, Dr. De'Ath... who can't wuote believe he is in the same band as Tangmoutou.  (His costume is really badass, if I do say so myself.  He is such a classy super villain.)

And I am avoiding homework like woah.

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