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[art dump] YA, AU!temeraire, HIVE, Link

I had a lot of requests to draw Raven from HIVE, so here she is.
...Please stop asking me to draw her now.  It's hard. She's got two swords. 

Link from Zelda. I had the sudden urge to draw an elf.

And I have been reading comic books!  Young Avengers/Runaways to be more specific!  The teenage angst is glorious!

Xavin and Karolina are possibly my favorite canon couple. Lesbian aliens, ftw! <3  Compared to all the other 'pairings', they seemed to be the most stable. (NO SPOILERS, PLEASE. I KINDA KNOW WHAT HAPPENS, BUT DON'T TELL ME.  It'll only make me sad!)

Chaaaase. ;___;

Been playing too much Rock Band.  Naturally, it lead me to create punk!Iskierka and retro-rocker!Temeraire.

Iskierka would smoke.
... aaaaaand... my sister and I were talking about Lucky Star parodies and how everything in the world needs one, soooo...

No artistic merit whatsoever, I traced the figures.  Except for Iskierka.  She didn't look much like a police cabby.


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